Wishlist / Spare Figures

In my collecting of Sylvanians, I focus on the cat figures. Others may end up here, but the goal is to have all the cats. Here I will list all the figures I am still looking for, as well as post the figures I have available to trade.


Sylvanian Families:

Keats wedding pair
Pink Keats standing baby

Charcoal JP family

Chantilly brother and sister
Chantilly UL family and standing baby

Solitaire UL family and standing baby
Solitaire clothes

Catwood UL family and standing baby
Catwoood TOMY sister

Macavity JP dark stripe standing baby
Macavity Flair standing baby
Pink Macavity standing baby

JP White Father
CC Katie Kitty Ballerina

Whiskers JP 20th anniversary family and standing baby

Other Lines:

Teddy Bear World Lion family
Teddy Bear World Cat family

Class 3-2 yellow cat family (father, mother/teacher, sister, brother, baby)

Teacup Families cat family

San Jin Happy Family angry white cat couple


Maple Town Police Dog (2)

[picture soon]

Maple Town Deer

[picture soon]

Maple Town Wolf

[picture soon]

Forest Families dog children (2)

[picture soon]

Forest Families rabbit mother and child

[picture soon]